Moving Pass the Past

Many of us can think of one or more situations in our past that has either left us broken-hearted or mentally scarred. Most of us have been able to forgive those people or move on past that hurt. Though there’s still a lot of us that have not been able to let go of the past.

It seems so easy to say that something is no longer bothering you until it comes up. Then all of those feelings of hurt, shame, anger, fear, or sadness come rushing back like they never left. Well that is because they didn’t leave, you’ve only suppressed those feelings. Meaning that you buried those emotions deep down. You just stopped thinking about them but never truly faced them.

Holding on to things the that hurt us don’t heal us. In order for us to heal, and move forward we must acknowledge those things no matter how bad they are. Start forgiving people, not for them, but for you. You may not forget it, but forgiveness will set you free from the very thing that you’ve been holding on to. Forgiveness is not easy. It’s a process that does take time. You may not heal overnight but you will heal overtime.

I’ve learned from experience that if your waiting on a “I’m Sorry” you could be waiting on something you will never get. We have to forgive those who hurt us, because they aren’t holding onto that pain, we are. Believe it or not, sometimes people don’t even know they’ve caused you pain. Then because we expect them to know they’ve hurt us, we’re walking around mad, and upset at the world.  Sometimes we even assume the worst of people who want to give us their best. Just because one or more people wrongs you doesn’t mean that everyone will.

Moving on is the best thing that you can do for you. No one can protect your heart, your feelings or your energy like you can. If you are not religious I respect your decision but if you are encourage you to pray about it. Seek guidance when trying to let go of those painful memories, hurtful words, and those eerie feelings. Allow yourself to trust again, and open up to good people. Don’t assume future relationships will repeat the mistakes of your past ones. I wish you all the best as we all work on shaking off our past.

“How can we move towards the future if we can’t move pass the past”.

Bianca Williams (me)