Breastfeeding is Hard Work

I have officially made it to 5 months breastfeeding my third child. My first baby I quit after 4 weeks and the second I quit after about 16 weeks. With this being my last go around I wanted to giving breastfeeding a real chance. I believe in the benefits breastfeeding has to offer my little one. The bond I have with my baby boy is amazing! The only thing is breastfeeding and pumping is very time consuming and I’m a busy mom.

The truth is sometimes I want to give in because it can be so overwhelming. I truly enjoying breastfeeding but it’s hard trying to work 40+ hours a week, maintain my household, complete chores and find time to pump. I want to switch to bottle feeding the baby (especially at night) but I’m too lazy to pump as often as I should. Pumping is so exhausting! I feel like the pump sucks up all of my energy leaving me drowsy and ready for a nap. At times pumping can be so discouraging. I wish I could fill up 8 oz bottles every time I go to pump so I can store enough to bottle fed. Unfortunately, I don’t and it gets to me at times. Every month that I’ve managed to continue breastfeeding I do celebrate myself. I know that I’m making a selfless decision by giving my baby the best option. Plus I don’t have to worry myself about the cost of formula.

I’m enjoying our breastfeeding journey and I’d love to breastfeed until he’s two. This has not been easy though. Breastfeeding is hard work! I’d love to hear from other moms. Am I the only one that feels like this? Please, feel free share your journeys with me.

“Breastfeeding is a mother’s gift to herself, her baby and the earth”.

-Pamela K. Wiggins

Third Times the Charm

This time I want my child birth experience to be private and intimate. The first two times I felt so bombarded with family and friends trying more to see and interact with the baby less about my well being and letting me get some rest. I knew they meant well so I never voiced that I wanted more time to myself to be with my babies.

I really wanted to let the moment soak in and get adjusted. As the nurses came in to encourage skin to skin and help me latch the baby on to breast feed I desired those moments to be quite and peaceful. People showed up to hold, take pictures of the baby and some even brought small gifts. It was all nice but very overwhelming and I kinda wished it was different.

So now approaching child birth for the third time I really need all of what I didnt get in the process before. I have to go in for a c-section. Its a very high anxiety and nerve wrecking process for me to begin with. I just want to go in with my husband. I would like only my parents and the God-parents present until he gets here and we get adjusted. Then the rest of the kids will come to greet their baby brother. That’s it!

I don’t want any visitors. I don’t want to be overwhelmed. I dont want pictures taken unless it me or my husband taken them. I dont want anyone in my face. I dont want to share my first moments this time. I just want what my husband and I want, and not feeling pressured to include everyone else in our moment.


Is it too much to ask that people dont take it personal and get upset that we didn’t include them? I’ve been told “well it’s your baby, you’ll get all the time with the baby when you go home, and that’s selfish”.

Selfish!? Shouldn’t the child birthing experience be one desired by the parent/parents? What do you all think about my well needed desires? Any of you experience similar wants or problems as such during childbirth??