The Life of BiancaSimone

Dear Reader,
I’ve always considered myself to a open book. Willing to talk about my life, my experiences, my accomplishments and even my failures. The older I get I realize that I’m running out of scrap paper, notebooks, and data in my phone to keep up with my thoughts and how I’m feeling at times. I hope that in sharing my moments, my feelings, my thoughts, my ups and my downs that maybe someone can relate to my stories. When we can see a little bit of ourselves in others, we can help each other to grow on this journey called Life!


R- Respect. Demand to be Respected. Don’t let people walk all over you because your trying to be nice. There’s a different between being nice and being foolish. If they’ve shown they don’t respect you, move on. Stop trying to explain to disrespectful people how they should be treating you. They know, they are just […]

School during Covid-19

Most or all parents are currently discussing weather or not to send there children back to school in the fall. I can say that I have had mixed emotions about my decision. I’m a parent that works Full-time. So I know other parents can agree with me that we almost need for our children to […]

God’s Plan

I currently don’t feel completely satisfied with my life. The only thing that I want right now but I currently lack is my Purpose. Purpose definition reads: the reason for which something is done or created. I find myself asking that question often, “Why was I created”. I’ve prayed about this more times than I […]

“Finding your passion isn’t just about careers and money. It’s about finding your authentic self -the one you’ve buried beneath other people’s needs”

-Kristin Hannah

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